Word Funk


English dictionary database 80,497 words

English language only

Download free from Google Play

No in-app purchases

Supports Android 4.0 or above

Min screen resolution 800 x 480




Word Funk is a stylish and demanding word game designed to test and improve your English vocabulary. This version is free to play and contains no advertising.

You have 10 rounds to make 10 words. Words can be a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 letters long. Scores are based on the number of letters used and the use of difficult letters, like a "Q" or an "X.

There are 12 achievement chains and 60 individual achievements to be attained within the game. There are 424 points in total to be gained from all the achievements which will unlock all the tiles on the mystery wall.

Word Funk uses a fast and concise dictionary engine with over 70,000 English words with 3 to 8 letters. Playing Word Funk is simple to learn. There are various in-game help screens available to assist you with this.

Let Word Funk test and improve your English vocabulary.